Your hosts

Mary-Alice ArthurMary Alice Arthur (New Zealand)
I am an Art of Hosting Steward and a Story Activist, specialising in using story in service of positive systemic shift and to access and create collective intelligence on critical issues. My art is creating and hosting spaces for wise action, and narrative practice forms a key part of my work, focusing both on Storytelling and StoryWork and the emergent space in-between. My powerful results from a telecommunications merger project were written up in the 2006 book Wake Me Up When the Data is Over: How Organizations Use Stories to Drive Results (ed: Lori Silverman).

Toke Paludan MoellerToke Paludan Moeller (Denmark)
I am a co-founder of The Art of Hosting, The Flow Game, the Warrior of the Heart dojo and InterChange, a training and process consulting company based in Denmark. I have worked for the Danish and UK public sector, international NGOs, companies in the private sector, international networks in many countries and with villages in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. For the past six years I have worked with colleagues in support of large-scale systems transformation in England, USA and Canada as well as in the European Commission.

20110811_Riwa&Nina_smallNina Nisar (Germany)
I am a mother, a strategic process designer and dialogue host, and starting my practice as a doula with mothers and parents on conscious procreation recently. For the past 10 years, I have been co-creating and hosting processes and inspired spaces for dialogue, working with collaboration, collective intelligence, creativity and the power of what emerges from meaningful authentic connections.
I mainly worked in multistakeholder processes, peace and conflict transformation work, leadership development and community building, partnering with foundations, NGOs, political sector and enterprises in Europe, Middle East and India.
My focus is to create space for people who deeply care and intend to learn, explore and evolve together, and through that find ways forward together, individually and collectively.
I am a practitioner of The Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations, Theorie U and Circle Practice, trained and inspired by Adam Kahane, Otto Scharmer and Martina und Johannes Hartkemeyer, amongst others.

Monica Nissen (Denmark)
Starting my professional life with a degree in architecture – I found very early on, that designing processes, was just as interesting as designing buildings.   For the past 25 years I have worked as a process consultant.  In working with larger groups, besides facilitating, my special interest has been “Learning Ecology” – that is to harvest the results of these conversations, so that the collective wisdom and insights can be captured and put to good use.  I am also a co founder and practitioner of The Flow Game and The Art of Hosting / participatory leadership, – as well as the Art of Harvesting.

Markus Wittwer (Germany)
For more than 10 years now, I work with IT companies improving their software development and delivery process. Although my official role name is “Agile consultant” – bringing the ideas of agility to companies – I see myself more as a company culture “hacker”, who co-creates sustainable, innovative and meaningful work enviroments. My approach for this is deeply rooted in the Art-of-Hosting movement, Theory U by Otto Scharmer and the work of Marshall Rosenberg, founder of Nonviolent Communication.

pawa-haiyupisPawa Haiyupis (Ahousaht / Canada)
Pawatsqwachitl Haiyupis is a member of the Ahousaht First Nation on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. For over 10 years Pawa has worked with young indigenous leaders across Canada. Based on the collective wisdom of the youth along with the advice and guidance of Elders, Pawa develops & implements programs that connect youth and communities to language, ceremony, children, healthy families & a respectful relationship with all of Creation in our territories. Pawa is an Art of Hosting practitioner, mentor, apprentice and slam poet.

Alexandra_FotoAlexandra ‘Santu’ Boëthius (Finland/Switzerland/France)
With a background in human rights and humanitarian affairs work, I have been working with NGOs and international organisations in a number of different contexts and places, ranging from Senegal to Mongolia. Having witnessed several interesting initiatives fail to reach their full potential due to poor leadership and dis­enga­ge­ment, I have set out on a journey to explore co­lla­borative and par­ti­ci­pative ways of working that brings out the best in all parties involved, and makes ‘the whole greater than the sum of its parts.’ I’m currently based in the Geneva region where I’m active in co-creating an Art of Hosting learning-community and a HUB Geneva.

MarienSmallMarien Baerveldt (Netherlands)
Marien has a passion for learning and a fascination for intrinsic motivation. He designs Quest Education for leadership programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. In 2010 he combined his passion and interests and found De Universiteit, a self-guided peer-learning community that lears. He uses team learning, personal coaching and participatory methods to tap into the intrinsic motivation and set minds on fire. In the Open Masters Initiative-NL he researches what structure is needed to experience freedom of learning. With IDEAL-Learning he holds a space where courageous leadership can emerge and connect within the field of education and development.