Practical information

Dates and Schedule

Arrival: On 04. April 2013 between 17:00 and 18:00
Departure: On 07. April 2013 at 14:00

We will start on the evening of the 04. at 18:30 with a dinner and then gather from 19:30 until 21:00 for a check-in.
On the 07. we will end with a lunch together from 13:00 until 14:00.


Seminarhof Pegasus
Außendeich 2
21732 Krummendeich
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Phone: +49 4779/1248
Fax: +49 4779/8198

Seminarhof Pegasus is located an hour and 20 minutes away from Hamburg close to the Elbe and the North Sea. On their website you can find detailed directions on how to get there (also in German). If you plan to arrive with public transport we highly recommend to order an A.S.T. taxi in advance (see the directions for more details).

Car-Pooling, train-pooling, …
To allow self-organization to happen, we ask you to publish your travel details in the comment section of this page at the bottom. So if you like to car-/or train-pool or share a taxi, write down your travel plans, add your contact details and get in contact with each other.


Rooms are available at Seminarhof Pegasus and in the small village close to the Seminarhof. Seminarhof Pegasus also takes care of booking rooms in the village in case we don’t have enough rooms at the Seminarhof.
Rooms are given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Single rooms are quite limited, so please consider to share a room with some other person. This would support us to create a richer learning environment for all of us.

The accommodation costs are paid directly to the Seminarhof and are in addition to the costs for the training.

Shared shower/toilet with another room on the floor Room with shower/toilet
Single room 79,00 € 87,00 €
Double room 69,00 € 77,00 €
3-bed room 62,00 € -

Accommodation costs are per person per day. You can reduce your accommodation costs by €7/day by bringing your own bed linens and towels (choose ‘Tarif A – Seminarhaus Standard’ in the booking form).

Book your room with Seminarhof Pegasus here.


The price for accommodation includes all meals served, cake in the afternoon and regular coffee, tea and water throughout the day. Additional drinks and premium coffee specialities can be bought at the venue. The food will be vegetarian and prepared by a star chef. If you have any special dietary needs, please let the venue know.

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  1. Please share your travel details here for car/train/taxi pooling and to connect even before the event! Looking forward to meeting you, Markus

  2. Will arrive in Cadenberge at 15:28 on April 4th. Anyone else? We could share an A-S-T Taxi then. On Sunday I will take the 15:30 train from Cadenberge.

    • Looks like I’ll be on the same trains (ETA Cadenberge 15:28 April 4th; ETD Cadenberge 15:30 April 7th) – I’m traveling together with another participant and am not yet sure if he already made arrangements for onwards travel after Cadenberge.
      If he hasn’t, then the A-S-T sounds like a great idea.

      • Hi Guys

        I am coming from Berlin and would take the public transport to Cuxhaven

        Will buy my train ticket now to to arrive 15:28 and share the taxi with you.

        My number is +491786767412 ,

        Should I reserve the Taxi?

  3. I am coming from Copenhagen and would like to share a car with an other participant. I have a car, and could pick someone up on my way through Denmark or Northern Germany (Flensburg or Kiel). Pleas email or call 45 61304427.

    • Erik – i would love to catch a ride with you from copenhagen!

    • Hi Erik,

      I am coming from South Germany, but would need a lift from Hamburg train station to the seminar house. Could you pick me up there, so we can go together by car?
      Write me an email (I can’t see yours) Hope you read this.

  4. On 4th April I’m getting the train from Hamburg and should be arriving at Cadenberge at 16:28. On Sunday I need to catch the 14:30 train from Cadenberge. Does that suit anyone else?

    • Hi Sophie,

      I’ll also catch the train from Hamburg at 15:06 on Thursday. Shall we go for a AST taxi together?

      (01577 133 8785)

      • Great idea, Laura. My mobile number is: 0176 29 39 10 68. Do you want me to make the booking?

        • Hey Laura and Sophie,
          I will arrive at Hamburg Hbf around 14:12, but could wait a bit as I would be happy to travel together with you. Then we could share a Taxi with the 3 of us?

          • I just ordered a taxi for 4 people, as a friend of mine from near Frankfurt is also coming along.
            Looking forward to meeting you!
            -> Laura

  5. Hello,

    Miss Kathleen Dameron is coming from Paris via Hamburg Airport.
    She will have a car and offers to carpool with anybody from Hamburg Airport.

    Her flight times are:
    04avril 13:30-16:05
    07avril 17:05-18:35

    If you know anybody who would like to carpool please let us know.
    Thank you very much and we wish you pleasant day.

    Kaï-Marcel Grunert
    p/o Kathleen Dameron

    • Hi Kathleen, have just posted my flight details in a separate comment – would be happy to share the carpool with you. Best regards, Pamela

  6. Hello everyone,

    I am coming from Hanover and will arrive at Cadenberge at 17:28 on thursday. Who else will join a taxi with me? I will leave on sunday at 15:30.

    Sebastian Becker

    • Hi Sebastian,
      I plan on the same itinerary from Hamburg on 4 April. Would be happy to join you. I’ll be staying at a hotel in Hamburg on 3 April and will get myself to the train station.

  7. Hi, I’m travelling from Zurich, my travel times to / from Hamburg airport are:
    04/04 arrival 1605h on LH 3646
    07/04 departing 1815h on LH 3649
    I’d be happy to take up Kathleen’s offer to share the carpool, thanks!
    Looking forward to meeting everyone.

  8. If noone else is planning to arrive at 16:28, would it be ok if I join the three of you in a taxi at 15:28, Thomy, Michael and Udo?
    Looking forward to meeting you all.

    • I’ve now found someone to share at 16:30. If anyone elso wants to get a taxi at that time, just let me know.
      Otherwise see you all on Thursday.

  9. Hello, I will be driving my car from Nijmegen/Lent to Krommendeich.
    anybody wants a lift? I want to travel in a relaxed manner and start early.
    Looking forward to meet you,

    • Hi, I would like to join you if you still have a spot free. I am coming from Maastricht, so Id need to come by train to meet you in Nijmegen Lent (at the station?). Sorry for the last minute notice, I hope you still see this in time. Please give me a call at 0031684817636 to let me know if that works for you.

  10. hello :)!

    is anybody driving to the seminar from frankfurt/main, gießen or limburg – so i could catch a ride?

    if so, please let me know: 0178 – 684 0212

    see you all in just 2 days :),

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