About this training

How do we meet the challenges now facing us?
Work and life are increasingly complex. Today we are faced with an environment where change is a way of life, people we work with come from dramatically different backgrounds and we face challenges that are beyond a person, a company or even a country to solve.
We have a new generation at work that is well educated, well-connected and highly motivated to live a meaningful life.
We need to learn how to work across the generations in ways that will support all of us to contribute and succeed.

What is the Art of Participatory Leadership?
In a world that is becoming increasingly complex and fragmented, true solutions and innovations lie not in one leader or one viewpoint, but in the bigger picture of our collective intelligence. The Art of Participatory Leadership is a testing ground for those seeking to find new effective and healthy patterns for organizing, innovating and interacting to create new forms that serve us all better. The training is part of a global family of trainings through the Art of Hosting network that are considered practice grounds for those who aspire to bring out the best in others.

The Art of Participatory Leadership is essentially an expression of authentic ways of being with others and situations as they emerge – and a practice of creating the conditions for our collective intelligence to emerge. The principles of self-organization, participation, ownership and non linear solutions are essential to both individual and collective discoveries.

We are particularly inspired by what happens in the creative tension between chaos and order – the chaordic field, where learning, innovation and harvesting take place and where wise and sustainable change can be discovered and grounded into acting wisely.

This is an experiential training that is being applied in many contexts – community, private sector, academic, healthcare, and educational settings as well as social change efforts around the world. The training is also designed as a Personal Leadership practice to deepen your own capacity to effect transformation in yourself and in a complex world.

Purpose of the training:

  • To explore how the process of hosting conversation complements more traditional ways of leading teams and organisations
  • To equip leaders to drive change using participatory methods
  • To explore collaborative means of responding to complex system and organisational issues
  • To experience and learn how to use tools that invite people to contribute their strengths and gifts to meet a common purpose
  • To connect to an international network of practitioners

We will practice and explore…

  • The design and methodology of engaging yourself and others in hosting and harvesting transformative conversations
  • Authentic collaborative leadership
  • Noticing and shifting personal, team and systemic ‘patterns’
  • Principles and practices for taking social innovation to scale
  • Models and practices for working with complexity and emergence

Who should come?
Leaders, managers, consultants and facilitators –  this program targets people who are committed to leading and managing their work, their teams and their organisations in more collaborative and participatory ways. The program is most suited to participants who will have the opportunity to apply their learnings on return to their projects, work and communities.
Anyone who is holding the seed of a new idea, project, initiative or visions to create new forms of living and working and wanting to bring this to life with others

Participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of the principles and practice of hosting and harvesting conversations
  • Take part in action learning, with the opportunity to be coached in hosting each other using methods like circle work, World Café, Open Space, Pro-Action Cafe, Collective Story Harvesting and Appreciative Inquiry
  • Have the opportunity to bring your own projects, issues and inquiries to the group for shared learning

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